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Imagine a trip to Hawaii. Now think about a dental cleaning. Given the choice between those two scenarios, most people would take the trip–especially if they have feel anxious about a dental visit Many people feel a certain degree of nervousness when thinking about a trip to the dentist. That anxiety can increase if the treatment involves a procedure such as root canal, a filling or extraction While medication can provide relief for anxiety, some people prefer to avoid chemical sedation. Here are some alternative suggestions for those who want to relax during their appointment without the drugs.

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Imagine you are someplace else is a good way to relax. Pretend you are on that tropical island, or another favorite place.

Deep breathing can be used in conjunction with other relaxation techniques. Although some people have found that concentrating on taking slow deep breaths is all that is needed to become calm.

A focused form of relaxation training that can help anxiety. it’s not just for laughs at a Las Vegas stage show.

Plain old common sense is an excellent way to reduce stress. Simply plan ahead and prep both your mind for the appointment. Book a time when you won’t feel rushed or stressed-out. Avoid caffeinated drinks and sugar before the visit. You should talk to your dentist about your anxiety.

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