If you are looking for a great dentist in Waco, look no further than Chad Latino, DDS. As a dentist in Waco, we offer a wide variety of dental services for the residents of Waco and surrounding areas. 

Comprehensive Dental Care

We are proud to be your one-stop-shop for the dental needs of your entire family in Waco, Texas. We offer many dental services not available in other offices, such as sedation dentistry and sleep apnea treatment. 

Dental Implants in Waco

At Chad Latino, DDS, Dr. Chad Latino has years of experience placing dental implants as a dentist in Waco. Dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth. Unlike a dental bridge that replaces the top of the tooth, a dental implant replaces the entire tooth from the tooth’s root to its crown. 

Once a dental implant is placed, it will act as your natural tooth. With a dental implant, you can eat hard, sticky, and chewy foods, similar to your natural teeth. Dental implants in Waco are an excellent option to transform your smile. Contact Dr. Chad Latino today to get started. 

Cosmetic Dentistry in Waco

Brighten and enhance your smile with cosmetic dentistry from Chad Latino, DDS. As a dentist in Waco, we offer a wide range of cosmetic procedures such as Invisalign, dental bonding, teeth whitening, and dental veneers in Waco, Texas. 

Invisalign is a popular treatment among our patients. Many patients enjoy the ability to straighten their smiles discreetly with the help of Invisalign clear aligners. 

Another popular treatment is teeth whitening. If you are looking to whiten your teeth in a few dental appointments professionally, visit Chad Latino, DDS. We offer teeth whitening procedures in Waco, Texas, that are more efficient and effective than over-the-counter solutions. 

Additionally, our office provides dental veneers that can transform your teeth’ shape and shade in one appointment. Veneers cover your natural tooth with an attractive shell that matches your natural tooth color. 

Lastly, our patients can enjoy the benefits of dental bonding in Waco, Texas, which can produce similar smile-changing results. Bonding helps form and re-build small flaws on your teeth. 

Preventative Dentistry in Waco

Dr. Chad Latino knows how important it is to protect the health of your teeth and gums. The Chad Latino DDS team encourages patients to develop a good oral health routine at home and visit us approximately every six months for a dental cleaning and exam. We can monitor your dental health and remove stubborn tartar. Also, a good oral health routine at home can provide good preventative dentistry results. Preventative dentistry helps reduce plaque and debris from your teeth, keeping them in great shape and keeping you in ideal health for your everyday life. 

Additionally, we offer dental sealants and fluoride to strengthen the health of your teeth. A dental sealant is placed on the back molars of your mouth and covers the hard-to-reach crevices. So, when bacteria and debris fall on the sealants, they slide off, preventing the risk of dental decay. We also offer fluoride, which strengthens the outside of the tooth, the enamel, preventing dental decay. 

The Best Dentist in Waco 

Dr. Chad Latino is proud to be a dentist in Waco, Texas. He is an experienced dentist who received his doctoral degree at the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio. He has also trained with Orognathic Bioesthetics International, Cabodent, Atlanta Center for Restorative Dentistry, and Bill Blatchford.

Dr. Chad Latino is well-versed in restorative, cosmetic, and general dentistry. He leads an effective team that delivers quality dental care with compassion. 

Call us today, and let us help you transform and restore your smile.

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