Dental crowns can be helpful if your teeth are suffering from large cavities or severe dental damage. In fact, dental crowns have many uses and can aid our oral health in many different ways.

To help you understand more about the helpfulness of dental crowns, our dentist, Dr. [doctor_name] with [practice_name] in [city], [state], has provided you with this information:

– Dental crowns provide visual upgrades to your smile and can be shaped and crafted to your specific needs.

– Dental crowns can last from two decades up to the rest of your life, which is because they are very durable and very safe.

– Dental crowns cover the entirety of a tooth for added support.

– Dental crowns can be used for the following treatments: dental fillings, dental implants, dental bridges, and root canals.

– Dental crowns are very effective and safe for use in children. Because children are at a high risk for tooth decay, dental crowns add an additional layer of support.

– Dental crowns can stave off extractions by protecting teeth that are severely damaged.

– If a tooth is discolored, it can be concealed with a dental crown.

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