Get screened for oral cancer this summer. The more often you are screened, the better chances of success should you ultimately test positive. Oral cancer is detected in over 40,000 Americans every year.

Listed below are some of the most regularly found symptoms of oral cancer:

– Be aware of all signs of numbness or loss of feeling in the head, face, and neck areas.

– Look for discolored patches in your gum tissue, typically ones that are white and red.

– Check for a persistent sore throat or the feeling of a lump in the back of your throat, as well as issues chewing, speaking, eating, and swallowing.

– Check for observable damage to your mouth, including eroded areas, patches, rough spots, lumps, and bumps, as well as for sores and lesions that do not heal after 2 weeks.

– Dramatic weight loss that is not easily explained could be a mark of cancer.

– Look for signs of inexplicable bleeding that is not easily stopped.

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