Keep your smile shining so it can always be there to serve you well. Even though your teeth and gums can weaken or deteriorate over time, most damaging effects are caused by the foods you eat and the beverages you consume. Avoid dangerous products like sugary substances and your teeth will have a much greater chance to survive the oral hazards of a lifetime of wear. Here are some things you can do to protect your teeth:

Always take the time to speak with and visit your licensed professionals at your dentist office. We will strive to always be there if you should suffer an oral accident or even if you simply need a professional cleaning. Try to have your teeth professionally cleaned at least twice every year.

On a day to day basis, you should do your best to do your part to help your teeth survive the rigors of dental erosion and oral injuries waiting to happen. With the foods you consume, always assume your teeth could crack from a tough piece of food. Exercise caution with products like candy apples, hard candy, corn on the cob, corn kernels, and beef jerky. In addition, it doesn’t take much brute force to knock loose teeth, so if you feel any activity you may be involved in, puts your teeth at risk, be sure to change your habits or wear appropriate safety equipment.

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