It’s not uncommon for the biting surface of premolars and molars to have deep pits and fissures. While this makes the teeth more efficient at chewing tough foods, it can also serve as a trap for residual food particles and plaque. These areas can also be difficult to clean from brushing alone.

In time, this makes the biting surface of your molars and premolars prone to developing large cavities. The large fillings needed to repair these cavities can prove troublesome later on.

In a situation like this a your dentist will often recommends having dental sealants applied to the biting surface to create a protective layer over the tooth enamel. Even if plaque and food particles get stuck on the biting surface, the dental sealants will keep them from direct access to the tooth.

Dental sealants a durable plastic-resin that can quickly be painted onto your teeth following your regular dental checkup. A special ultraviolet light is often used to cure and harden the resin. The dental sealants are very durable and can help to protect the biting surface for up to two years.

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