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Contact us today to get started on your Invisalign treatment! At Chad Latino DDS, we understand that your smile is important to you. That’s why we’re proud to offer cosmetic dentistry in Waco, including Invisalign, the clear way to straighten your teeth without braces. With Invisalign, you can improve your smile without anyone knowing you’re wearing aligners. And because they’re removable, you can still eat and drink what you want while in treatment. Plus, brushing and flossing are no problem. You remove the aligners and brush and floss like usual. We are your Invisalign cosmetic dentist in Waco.


Convenient And Discreet Treatment

Invisalign is the clear alternative to metal braces for kids, teens, and adults who want to improve their smile without anyone knowing they’re in treatment. Using a series of clear removable aligners, Invisalign gradually moves your teeth into place based on Dr. Latino’s treatment plan. And because they’re virtually invisible, you can keep smiling throughout treatment without feeling self-conscious. 


The Invisalign Process

After an initial consultation with our team to see if Invisalign in Waco is right for you, we will take images, X-rays, and dental impressions of your teeth. We use these records to create your unique tooth-straightening plan, which a computer will map out so you can see how your teeth will move with each stage of treatment. Then custom-made, clear aligners will be created specifically for you. You’ll wear each set of aligners for about two weeks before progressing to the next stage of treatment in your plan until your new smile is complete! 


Improved Oral Health With Invisalign Treatment

Because Invisalign allows you to brush and floss normally during treatment, you can maintain good oral hygiene habits and enjoy long-lasting results after you complete treatment. Other benefits of Invisalign include the following: 

  • Less risk of cavities and gum disease: Unlike metal braces that trap food and plaque, you can remove your aligners before eating, so there’s no need to worry about food getting stuck in hard-to-reach places around brackets and wires. Just be sure to brush and floss before putting them back in! 
  • Fewer appointments: Because no wires or brackets need adjusting at each visit, you’ll spend less time in the dental chair overall during treatment. 
  • Comfort: No metal wires or brackets could cause mouth irritation during treatment. Plus, since aligners are made from smooth medical-grade plastic, they should barely be noticeable when you wear them! 
  • Improved confidence: Since Invisalign’s clear aligners are virtually invisible while you wear them, no one will know that you’re going through treatment unless you tell them! You’ll be able to show off your smile throughout the process confidently. 
  • Customized care: Whether your goal is straighter teeth or a more attractive smile, Invisalign in Waco can be customized specifically for your needs to get the best possible results from treatment. 


Dr. Latino is a Diamond Invisalign Provider

Being a Diamond Invisalign Provider in Waco is an honor that is bestowed upon providers who have demonstrated knowledge and expertise in providing Invisalign treatment to patients. To achieve this distinction, practices must complete a rigorous training program and meet strict criteria for the number of Invisalign cases they have treated. Diamond Invisalign Providers are also required to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, as measured by surveys and other feedback mechanisms. Dr. Latino takes pride in knowing he is among the elite in providing Invisalign treatment. He strives to ensure his patients receive the highest quality of care and achieve the best possible results from their treatment.


Invisalign Cosmetic Dentist in Waco, Texas

Don’t let misaligned teeth hold you back from smiling with confidence! Talk to Dr. Chad Latino about whether Invisalign clear aligners in Waco are right for you. Thanks to their discreet design and convenience, more people are choosing Invisalign for their tooth straightening needs. Not only will you love your new smile, but improved oral health is a bonus of this popular treatment method!